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"There is a lack of safety knowledge in an Industry that needs it most. Candace is filling that void by educating women who are in the public eye."

-George Klein, Cartoon Network

The Hottie Handbook: A Girl's Guide to Safety is a safety primer for women of all ages. Topics include: Dating, Travel, Cyber Life, Your Car, Home, Campus Life, Work, Your First Apartment.

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Q & A

1. Did you write “The Hottie Handbook” with only beautiful women in mind?
No. As a sexist term used to describe beautiful young women, I realize the term “hottie” has had negative connotations. However, I want to reclaim “hottie” to describe any woman that is getting attention, wanted or unwanted, from the opposite sex. This is a book for any woman and for all ages.

2. What type of research did you do to write “The Hottie Handbook”?
I’ve spent the past five years researching inappropriate behavior. My research included meetings with the FBI, LAPD Threat Management Unit, threat management specialists and numerous interviews with women from all walks of life. I interviewed not only actresses and models, but housewives, school teachers, stay-at-home moms and career women.

3. In “The Hottie Handbook,” you’re pretty blunt and straightforward. Do you think this will offend some readers?
It might. But one of the main ideas I convey in “The Hottie Handbook” is understanding the motives behind courtesy bias – that is, the tendency to tell people what you think they want to hear in order to avoid hurting their feelings.
As young women, we are taught to be nice, kind and sweet. We learn to be accommodating. Polite is good; being impolite is bad. We don’t want to refuse the guy who wants our phone number, even though we’re not interested. We don’t want to appear “rude,” “stuck up” or “snobby.” But if a weirdo is intent on playing hardball with you, you need to fight back. You need to learn how to react properly in an uncomfortable or threatening situation. Time-appropriate bitchiness is a good thing. We need to be aware of people’s underlying motives. And remember, inappropriate behavior is someone making you so uncomfortable that you comply or respond in hopes this person will stop their actions toward you.

4. If there was one safety tip that you would want readers to get from reading your book, what would it be?
If someone is behaving inappropriately toward you, don’t let them have the upper hand. Remember to listen to your gut instincts, sixth sense or woman’s intuition. If someone appears to want something from you, they do. Don’t second-guess yourself; it’s really that simple.

5. What types of safety issues are addressed in “The Hottie Handbook?”
Topics include dating, travel, surfing the internet, car safety, safety at home, online dating, campus life and safety in the workplace.

6. You have played sexy women throughout your career. Some of your acting roles include playing Mel Gibson’s girlfriend in “Complete Savages,” a sexy Hooters girl in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” and a cheerleader in “The Bad News Bears.” Do you think this sends the wrong message to young women?
No. Being sexy and beautiful does not preclude your right to be safe. Nor does it justify someone behaving inappropriately towards you.

7. Do you think celebrities like Kim Kardashian are teaching girls to be sexual too early? Do you think this sends the wrong message to men?
Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian are going to be who they are and I’m not here to change them. They are among the current icons for fashion, music and pop culture. I’m certain Mae West was racy for her era. They are not sending any more of a wrong message to us than Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield did in their time. “The Hottie Handbook” doesn’t judge current cultural icons. Rather, it deals with keeping women safe in today’s modern world of online dating, cyber stalking, cyberbullying and identity theft.

8. Are you a feminist?
Yes. Gone are the days of burning bras and no makeup. I embrace beauty. But I believe being beautiful or sexy does not give anyone the right to behave inappropriately towards you.

9. Your book is a “handbook.” What is the difference between this and a regular book?
I wrote “The Hottie Handbook” as a collection of top 10 lists to make it easier to use. Going on a trip? Flip to the Travel section and look up the top 10 list that pertains to your situation. Read it and off you go.

10. Are all of the stories in your book true?
Yes. They come from more than five years of interviews with women from many different walks of life. The names and locations have been changed, but the stories are candid and real.


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cindy-cohen "The Hottie Handbook contains a wealth of information that women of every age should know. Candace has covered safety from A-Z; I learned things I wish I had known years ago! Get this for all of the women in your life. Every hottie needs one!"
- Cindy Day, Amazon Top 100 author, "How to Live the Life of Your Dreams in 30 Days or Less" and winner of "She's Got the Look" on TV Land.

lisa "Being a model and television personality I've experienced both wanted and unwanted attention. Candace's quick safety tips have really helped me and I strongly encourage young women in the entertainment industry to listen to her words of wisdom."
- Lisa Gleave, actress and model, Deal or No Deal

claudia Candace Kita has put together an impressive and comprehensive list of safety tips that all students, male and female, will find helpful when heading off to college!"

- Claudia Jordan, actress, model, radio host, Celebrity Apprentice

enya "Candace Kita's insight and wisdom will be very helpful to young Hollywood."

- Enya Flack, model, actress, former Miss Washington DC, Price is Right Barker Beauty