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blogMARCH 28th
I am very excited to have booked a role on the hit show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! And I'll be working for the next two weeks with this amazing cast. I can't say what the episode and role are until it airs, but hopefully I'll be able to take a few pics while on set. I've worked with Danny De Vito before and am also excited to be working with comedian, Charlie Day!


blogMARCH 27th
I'll be signing at the Hollywood Collector's Show on April 25th and 26th in the California Hot Shots booth from 10am to 5pm. So come and meet me in person for signed autographs, Bench Warmer Cards and photo ops!
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blogMARCH 26th
My friend Steve Nave is a long time casting director and actor. He is such a friendly, fun and uplifting person. Always kind to everyone and non-judgmental. He was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. I received this yesterday and would like to share it with anyone who is a friend of the arts, fellow actor, friend of Steve or maybe just someone who wants to help support.


Hello to all my family, friends and associates. I hope you are all doing well and I want to thank you all for your prayers and concern for me. I know there has been a lot of people wondering what is happening with me and my health.

As many of you already know, I am a pretty private person about things like my health and I do not like to trouble others with my burdens, but I feel compelled to let people who care about me know what is happening. As of December 2014, I was diagnosed with some serious health issues, which has resulted in ongoing chemotherapy treatments and surgeries. I have been completely unable to work and has been put on hold. I have no idea how long this struggle will go on, but I do know that I could use any financial support that any one may be able to offer. My medical bills, along with other bills are mounting far beyond my ability to handle them while I am not working.

I do not want to burden anyone unnecessarily, however if you feel compelled to contribute then please go to: (My friends who set it up are telling me to ask all of you "Share" the link on social media a lot.)
Or more directly, you can mail to me at: Steve Nave P.O. Box 7405 Alhambra CA 91802
Or if you prefer PayPal, my email address is

In addition to or in lieu of financial support, please say prayers for me, as this struggle has not been easy and your thoughts and prayers mean so so much.

Sincerest Love and Gratitude to All
Steve Nave

If you or anyone you know can help, please use the Go Fund Me, Paypal or the address listed above.
Thank you all so much!


blogMARCH 25th
Today I found out that I'll be working on the hit gay show, "Where The Bears Are". What a terrific group of guys and the amount of fun, positive energy they have is inspirational. I'm looking forward to working with this terrific team next month and I imagine I'll have hilarious pics to share soon!


PALM SPRING part deux

blogMARCH 24th
Here we are on day two of our Palm Springs commercial shoot. We shot in the pool, spa, restaurant and resort. I wish we had another week here to see the sights and soak up more glorious sun! Tomorrow, back to LA and traffic on the
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blogMARCH 23rd
This week my partner and I booked a job together in Palm Springs. We are shooting a commercial and I will post it as soon as it is out. We had the opportunity to stay at the beautiful Indian Wells Hyatt and believe me, we took every opportunity to sit out by the pool when we weren't on set! Par for the course, I ate way too much. The crew was awesome and the weather perfect. We love to work together and consider it a blessing.
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blogMARCH 22nd
Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot a beauty campaign for my friend, Errisson Lawrence. Errisson is an amazing photographer and he had a terrific team with him today. The makeup artist was from the Bay Area and did a natural, dewy makeup that was fresh, barely there and light. And hair was flowy, worked with my natural curl and looked breezy and fun. I can hardly wait to see the finished results. These are a few snaps from my camera from the day. Thank you Errisson!
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Peabody and Sherman's Way Back Machine

blogMarch 21st
blog Let's take a trip in Peabody and Sherman's Way Back Machine, Children. Many moons ago, I was a model with the Wilhelmina Agency here in Los Angeles. For many years I did runway shows for Diesel, XOXO, Brighton, etc. and print campaigns for Neiman Marcus The Little Book, Takashimaya, Nordstrom, Marshall Fields, Chinese Laundry, Life Stride, Stila Cosmetics, Nars Cosmetics, Classified Cosmetics, Wen Haircare, you name it. Now, I'm the Managing Editor of a women's fashion magazine, a job I love, love, love and am ever thankful for! I love being creative both in front of and behind the scenes and I wake up everyday feeling blessed!
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The Spider Behind the Web

blogMarch 20th
A special thank you to my web guy extraordinaire, Paul, who is nearing completion on a rather lengthy project, Don't bother to go there now because it's not up yet. However, within the week, it will launch. This is my partner's site and is somewhat of a crossover site to mine. Basically, what Paul and I didn't do on my site, we did on this one. Hence, it has a bit more content, pics, quips, etc. if you want further elaboration. Paul, we couldn't have done this without you, literally. Onwards and upwards to the next one,!

The Thermal Club and "Women Behind the Wheel"

blogMarch 19th
This weekend VIVA GLAM had the opportunity to go to The Thermal Club in Palm Springs. The Thermal Club is an exclusive country club for the car enthusiast. Here, car lovers can drive their Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Aston Martins, etc. on private race tracks. Owners must also own property at the Thermal Club and houses have 12 car garages. blog

After a quick safety review, we had a beautiful breakfast provided by The Thermal Club and Ogara Motor Sports. Then, we were broken into groups of 10 and each group was taken to a test track facility. On the first track, we Tokyo Drifted in a special wet area designed for sliding. The second, we test drove a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-2 on an s-curve track for speed and precision. On the third, we were on the main track and raced against each other in a two-seater Rolls Royce Wraith, Aston Martin and gun metal Lamborghini.

blog After racing, we were treated to an exquisite lunch that included our own private pasta chef! And beautiful gift bags were handed out that included the newest copy of VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE, Fenix Cosmetics Skin Healing Gel, Skin Again's Vanish and AHA Exfoliating Cleanser, Rev Eye Visco's Get Your Eye Fix On Eye Gel Mask, Purador's Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, Car Magazine's 100 Years of Aston Martin Collectible, Bentley Magazine and a Neiman Marcus goodie bag with Kate Sommerville beauty products!

The end of the day brought about smiling faces and the ladies talking about which car was their favorite and who had the fastest track time. Fast cars, making new friends and women behind the wheel, who could ask for anything more?
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My Partner's New Website

blogMarch 18th
Quite often I am asked whom I am with. I am with someone whom I deeply respect and to whom no one else can begin to compare. He is launching his new website, shortly and he wrote a charming blog entry that was very touching to me so I decided to share it here:

blog My Partner

"I have known my partner since 1993. Yep, you heard right...1993. We dated for a year and a half when we were younger. But, it was a time in our lives when we were still deciding on who we were and who we chose to be with. Flash forward three divorces later... I realized what I had back then. So, believe it or not, I started a huge campaign to try to reconnect. It ended up taking me five years. And I waited patiently for 5 years for her to respond. Here's the breakdown: 3 years on My Space attempting to reconnect. She ignored me. And a year and a half on Facebook, constantly reaching out and liking her pages and leaving positive comments, she ignored me. Then, one day I went into my office clicked on my Facebook page and looked at her most recent post. I was almost ready to give up, but something inside of me said not to. As I clicked "like", something told me this was the time. An hour and a half after I reached out, she got back to me. We have been together ever since. Many years down the road now, I am blessed to have such a wonderful person by my side. She is the Managing Editor of a women's fashion magazine and actor and I am proud to be her partner. "

There is never a day that goes by that we both don't appreciate each other in our lives. We never take it for granted and are always thankful.

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Sayulita, Mexico Day 4

March 17th
Day 4 of our trip to Sayulita, Mexico was the best day in my opinion. We were able to travel into the tiny town of Sayulita which is beyond charming. Quaint shops and restaurants line the streets of Sayulita and there is always excitement, hustle and bustle and lots of people watching! We watched mariachis and ate brightly colored ice creams. We listened to a local saxophone player and ate street stand tacos. Sayulita is known for hand designed jewelry, purses and bohemian clothing and it reminded us a lot of Goa, India. Iguanas rest high in the trees and look down at you as you walk down the cobble stone streets of Sayulita.

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Today went entirely too fast. And at sundown we picked an outdoor restaurant and sat under lit trees. Carolina's father requested authentic Mexican food, so we opted for frijoles, rice, guacamole, quesadillas and stuffed peppers. What a wonderful end to an amazing experience. Tonight, we are enjoying a taste of a simpler life. Tomorrow, it is back to Los Angeles, the busy life of the city and home.

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Sayulita, Mexico Day 3

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March 16th
Here we are on day 3 of our trip to Sayulita, Mexico. We've had only one day of torrential rain and today looks bright and sunny! We shot by the dock on the Bay of Banderas, out by our infinity pool and on the beach. The mosquitoes were out in droves, so we made a homemade Slovak concoction made of vodka to repel insects. And by golly, it works! Another terrific day and we are excited to be shooting in town tomorrow, weather permitting! blog blog blog blog blog blog blog

Sayulita, Mexico Day 2

March 15th
Here we are in Sayulita, Mexico on day 2 of our fashion editorial for Viva Glam Magazine. Today is an easy day as not all of our crew is here yet. We are still missing two people from Slovakia, Carolina Chomistakova and her father, Daniel. We shot by our infinity pool, down by the beach and pier. And had a casual dinner at the restaurant at Punta Sayulita. Tomorrow is a big day of shooting and we are praying for no rain!
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Sayulita, Mexico

blogMarch 14th
Today we flew to Sayulita, Mexico to shoot a fashion editorial for Viva Glam Magazine. We traveled from LAX to Puerto Vallarta. Then, we drove a short distance to the state of Nayarit which is in the northern section of Mexico. And finally to Sayulita, a small fishing and coconut community off the Bay of Banderas with a population of 5000. We will be staying in Sayulita Serena, a beautiful house on the water. So, we are very excited to arrive! blog blog blog blog blog

  1. View from the upstairs of our house.
  2. The view from our balcony as soon as we arrived, paradise! (mosquitoes included)
  3. Finally on the plane heading to Puerto Vallarta.
  4. In LAX very early in the morning, yawn!
  5. Kat is wearing her Rev Eye Visco hat and ready to go.
  6. We are leaving for Sayulita!
  7. We made it! Heading to Nayarit and Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta!
  8. Happy to finally be in Mexico and warm weather!
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Happy Birthday Michael!

blogMarch 13th
Tonight we celebrated our friend, Michael Blu's birthday at Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA. Cecconi's is a small, intimate Italian restaurant with a fun, upbeat vibe. Lots of stores were shared, good red wine and future appointments for chess were discussed! Wishing you and yours a wonderful birthday and prosperous year ahead, Michael! blog blog blog blog blog

Eye to Eye

blogMarch 12th
Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Blu and Seth of Blu Seth Farms. They are the creators of my favorite eye cream, Rev Eye Visco. Their delightful doggies came along to the shoot which took place at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Great fun, great company and a really great product!
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Punta de Mita, Mexico

blogMarch 11th
As we'll be in Mexico again this week, it reminded me of a trip we took a few months ago to Punta de Mita, Mexico. We were guests at the Imanta Resort and Spa. This world renown resort is known for being a sanctuary where the jungle meets the ocean, literally. It is built on 50 acres of lush, tropical paradise and ends at the water's edge. We shot 2 fashion editorials here that you can see in the upcoming Celebrity Issue of Viva Glam Magazine. We were spoiled by Imanta chef, Olivier deBois and his wife who is a Paris-trained pastry chef. They use only locally harvested ingredients and only pick from what is readily available that day. As a result, there is no menu, but what is offered is fresh and thought out on a daily basis.

We watched giant land crabs, coatamundi and exotic birds each day. Pancho, a coatamundi familiar with the staff, came out each night for crackers. And we were told if we put our leftovers out at night, they would come to the porch to forage!

A special thank you to the staff at Imanta Resort and Allure Plus Travel for making this adventure a memorable one!

Bonus: On our way, we ran into Jason Mamoa of Game of Thrones fame!

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Gunfight at the CK Corral

blogMarch 10th
Here is my web guy, Paul, hankerin' to wet his whistle at the saloon. As I am originally from Texas, I usually start every conversation with "Howdy", "Howdee" or "Howdy Partnah".

Today our conversation went somewhat like this:

C: Howdy.
P: Howdy partner.
C: Are you going down to wet your whistle at the saloon tonight?
P: Not me, that saloon over yonder is full of namby-pamby city slickers. I don't go there anymore. I'm going to the hoedown tonight.
C: By hook or crook I think I'll join ya! I'm tired of being around all those dudes at the saloon.
P: Well, we better head 'em up and move 'em out and get back to town. Pony up!
C: Giddy up, I'm right behind ya'.
P: Don't squat on your spurs.

That's all, ya'll!

Celebrity Voice Message

blogMarch 9th
I was recently approached by Celebrity Voice Message to do a few personal, home messages. I have my first one today and will probably post it for fun. To check out Celeb Video Messages, visit their official website:!

Non-disclosure Job

blogMarch 8th
Much to my excitement, I've just booked another job that I will be shooting next month. It is another non-disclosure, so I can't say exactly what it is, but I can say I portray a CEO at a large corporation. Ironically, this is my second CEO that I have portrayed recently, so I am wondering what this means? Better start investing in better suits!


blogMarch 7th
As the rest of the country is currently knee deep in snow, thought I'd share a few pics of our recent trip to Hawaii. As always, it was a balmy 85 degrees although each day it showered for 15 minutes in the afternoon. The weather reminds me a lot of Florida as it is a tropic zone. We took advantage of the warmth and mainly soaked up the sun all day and foraged at the local grocery stores for their daily plate lunch specials. I could get used to eating two starches every meal! Potato salad, rice and a casserole? I'm in! And no day was complete without Hawaiian shaved ice. Our favorite? Coconut shaved ice topped with macadamia nut ice cream! What's not to love?!?
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Puerto Vallarta

blogMarch 6th
Next week we'll be in Puerto Vallarta shooting a men's fashion editorial for Viva Glam Magazine. We are blessed to be guests in this private residence on the beach. Hopefully the weather will prevail and it will be hard work plus fun in the sun, my favorite combination of all!

A special thank you to the following amazing people,
The Viva Glam Dream Team:
Katarina Van Derham
Deja Jordan
Doug Jeffery
Wolf Worster blog blog blog

Happy Valentine's Day

blogMarch 5th
Thank you to my partner for our Valentine's Day gift. This was actually purchased a bit earlier, but we took pics on Valentine's Day at the studio. I am ever so humbled, grateful and never take anything for granted. Thank you again for everything that you do for me each and every day.

Sagebrush Annie's

blogMarch 4th
Recently, we had to opportunity to visit Sagebrush Annie's in Central California to learn about winemaking from famed vintner, Larry Hogan. Larry and his wife, Karina, were kind enough to let us shoot part of Hollywood & Wine there and I've always said it is like a small slice of heaven walking through the vineyards at dusk. Larry makes award-winning boutique wines and is very particular about winemaking. We are proud to have him as mentor and as a fellow Texan, I'm proud to call him my friend. blog blog blog blog blog blog blog

Palm Springs

blogMarch 3rd
Recently, we had the opportunity to stay at the rMIT house in Palm Springs, CA. This house boasts the largest private residence pool in Palm Springs and was recently used by the Jonas Brothers during their stay in Palm Desert. We vegan barbequed, sat in the sun and spent most of the time in the pool. At night we were only a short distance from the Palm Springs main strip so we went to dinner with friends. A great weekend getaway and look for these images and more in the Viva Glam Magazine Travel Issue!
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blogMarch 2nd
Here we are at the Shambala Preserve in Acton, CA with actress Tippi Hendren. You might remember her from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Marnie. She's also Melanie Griffith's mom and Dakota Johnson's grandma. She now devotes her time and efforts to saving big cats at her preserve, Shambala. We had the opportunity to tour this amazing facility recently and saw many of the big cats Tippi has rescued over the years. To donate to this organization, visit their official website:

Behind the Scenes

blogMarch 1st
What really goes on behind the scenes on a photo shoot? I've had people ask me if it is really as exciting and glamorous as it seems? Good question. And I think the correct answer is yes and no. Shooting in remote destinations can be difficult. As you can see in these images, we are very interested when anyone gets cell reception. Here we are in Punta de Mita, Mexico at a remote resort where the jungle literally meets the ocean. It is private property so there is no one else around. And because it is so remote, even international plans don't necessarily work 7/24. It is exciting, but it is also hard work. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it is nice to get a perspective on what it takes any crew to create beautiful images that you appreciate in magazines. blog blog blog blog blog

"I've sailed the seven seas, and you're the sleekest schooner I've never seen!"

blogFebruary 28th
Try saying the title of this grog, er blog entry quickly five times. Here is Paul, my web guy and character actor extraordinaire, looking like he can actually master this tongue twister with finesse. We realized yesterday we missed "International Talk Like a Pirate Day". So, here we are celebrating it now, albeit 5 months late. We found some rather saucy pirate phrases online:

"I've crushed 17 men's skulls between my thighs!"
"I likes a man what levels 'is gun but 'olds 'is powder!"

Paul makes an impeccable Renaissance Man and pirate as you can see. Hopefully he will send me more pics in the future as a serial killer, pedophile, night hotel clerk, the list goes on and on.....

Upcoming Travel

blogFebruary 27th
blog One of my favorite things about being an editor is the amount of travel that I'm blessed to partake in. In two weeks we'll be going to Puerta Vallarta to shoot another fashion editorial. Next month, we'll be in Costa Rica shooting a celebrity for our next cover. And the month after, we'll be shooting one episode of a series in Cancun. I'm most excited about Cancun having never been there before and I hear great things about it! So keep checking back and I'll be posting about these upcoming adventures!
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Placencia, Belize

blogFebruary 26th
I am ever so thankful for my job which allows me to travel several times a year throughout the world. Here we are in Placencia, Belize which is a small fishing community just off the coast of Belize proper. It is home to only 1000 residents and only 5 years ago got its first paved road. We stayed at the Belize Ocean Club and the accommodations were spectacular. We especially enjoyed the fried plantains, watermelon liquados and mango chutney that we ordered almost every single day!
A special thank you to Wolf Worster and Associates for making our trip one to remember!

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Get Viva Glamorous Hair!

blogFebruary 25th
Today was a day spent in the studio shooting hair tutorials for Viva Glam Magazine. I have hair down to my waist and it is all one length. So, Angelica Curiel from the Giuseppe Franco Hair Salon in Beverly Hills cut layers into my hair plus a lot off the bottom. What was cut looked like a small lap dog. Look for this and other tutorials at Viva Glam Magazine soon!

Ben Woolfe Final Interview

blogFebruary 24th
As many of you know, beloved character actor, Ben Woolfe, passed away this week after being sideswiped by an SUV while crossing the road last Thursday in Hollywood. The driver was not cited as this was not a hit and run and Ben was allegedly jaywalking. Today, we found out that Ben was an organ donor. Ben's family donated his organs through a non-profit organization, One Legacy, and his generous decision helped save three lives. Three women received Ben's liver and two kidneys.

Knowing Ben personally, he was a kind, sweet and generous person in life. He has taught us all an important lesson about organ donation. And he would be very happy to know that three women were saved through his generous gift of life.

A few people have been asking about the full version of his final interview which was taken 4 days prior to the accident. So, here it is in its entirety as we were blessed to have Ben stop by on Valentine's Day to say hi:

Ben Woolfe (1980-2015)

blogFebruary 23rd
Tonight we found out that Ben Woolfe has passed away from his injuries he sustained last Thursday evening. He was hit by the side mirror of an SUV at 9pm, Thursday, in Hollywood. The driver will not be cited as it was not a hit and run and Ben was allegedly jaywalking.

We just saw Ben on Saturday, 5 days before the accident. He was kind enough to come to our Valentine's Day event and it is really unbelievable. Below is a video of this day and you can see how sweet, innocent and kind Ben is.

The families of Viva Glam Magazine and Hollywood & Wine wish to extend our deepest condolences to the Woolfe Family at this difficult time.


Edward Herrmann

blogFebruary 22nd
I had the opportunity to work with legendary character actor Edward Herrmann as we both guest starred on the final episode of "Better With You". He played a priest and I played an obstetrician who delivers a baby on the finale of the show. Edward was the official voice of The History Channel and you might remember him as the lead vampire in the 80's cult classic, "The Lost Boys". It was great spending the week with him stressing over lines that were constantly changing and laughing a lot. He will be sorely missed.

Elvis Strange

blogFebruary 21th
Our friend, Elvis Strange, was kind enough to come to "Hollywood & Wine for Your Valentine" this week. You might think Elvis looks familiar. He was on the reality TV show "Bullrun" and is also an extremely successful production designer here in Hollywood. Believe it or not, he dresses this way every day. And I've never seen him without his Herman Munster boots. He constructs most of his costumes using pieces of this and that, sewing his creations by himself. He is a smart, creative and inspiring individual and someone I am proud to call my friend.

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Get Better Soon Ben Woolfe

blogFebruary 20th
Today I found out that Ben Woolfe had been accidentally hit by an SUV last night in Hollywood around 9pm. We were all so shocked and upset as we just saw Ben on Saturday. He is a good friend of my friend, Albert. Ben and I also have the same agent and he was kind enough to come to our Valentine's event. His condition was just upgraded from critical to stable. From all of us at Hollywood & Wine and also Viva Glam Magazine, we are sending positive energy, well wishes and comfort to Ben and his family. I'm getting updates from my agent and will keep everyone posted on his condition as soon as I know.

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blogFebruary 17th
Valerio Ventura is our partner in Hollywood & Wine. He came to "Hollywood & Wine for Your Valentines" this week and owned the red carpet! He just won a Prime Time Emmy Award this year for his work with the Walt Disney Company and we are very proud of him! Look for more of Valerio's Award Winning labels on Hollywood & Wine!

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Valentine's Day Flog, er, blog

blogFebruary 14th
Valentine's Day is finally here! And we're at Hollywood Center Studios for "Hollywood & Wine for your Valentine" event! Here are a few pics and many more to come! Ben Woolf from American Horror Story is such an amazing guy and my favorite character, Meep. And thank you Bai Ling for creating such a unique and fun outfit! Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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The Calm Before the Storm

blogFebruary 13th
Tomorrow is the big "Hollywood & Wine for Your Valentine" event at Hollywood Center Studios. So, here I am, enjoying a bit of much appreciated calm today. Thank God for small miracles. Or, in this case, fat dogs.


blogFebruary 12th
My friend, Albert, and I have known each other for years. So long in fact, that I can't remember the exact time and place we actually met. It has been our tradition that when we see each other, we take a pic. Rather, at my insistence because he usually refuses. Here we are this week. And this is how I was able to ascertain this image:
"Good morning, can you send me the picture of you and I together from the other day? Or any other picture of you and I together that you might have? You are going to be my blog entry today." blog

If you don't, I'll be forced to use this one. blog "Asian peace out"

Needless to say, the image of us together is the result of my attempting to blackmail him. Ah Albert, where would I be without your sarcasm and wit?

Me, Inc.

blogFebruary 11th
I always have a good book in my car to read in between auditions. So, today I'd like to share with you Me, Inc. by Gene Simmons. Yes, you heard right.THAT Gene Simmons of KISS fame. You might think of him as the guy with a cow tongue who spews blood out into the audience. But KISS has sold more merchandising than any other rock band in the world. And Gene Simmons is a branding genius. So, I encourage you to read his book as it is ideal for any young entrepreneur.

Focus Magazine

blogFebruary 10th
On occasion, someone will actually do what he or she says. And on an even rarer occasion, someone will actually go beyond your expectations.

And such was the case with Andy Waldman and Focus Magazine. Andy interviewed me for Focus Magazine on women's safety issues. He created an excellent article, and much to my surprise, even beautifully framed a copy for me! I am so very thankful; in this busy city where you barely have time to eat a Power Bar in your car while zooming to your next destination, I appreciate the time, effort and thought it took to do this.

So, thank you Andy for the wonderful article and gift, you truly made my day!
To learn more about Focus Magazine, visit their official website:
And to read the article on women's safety:

Sounds of Change

blogFebruary 9th
An article came out today on the behind-the-scenes of "The Sounds of Change" fashion editorial for Viva Glam Magazine. We shot this high fashion editorial on location in Calabasas, CA cliffside overlooking the city. A special thank you to the following amazing people:

  • Katarina Van Derham
  • Deja Jordan
  • Doug Jeffery
  • Corena Gibson and crew
  • David Stenstrom
  • History for Hire

Here is the article plus behind-the scenes video: Sounds of Change Look for the full editorial in the upcoming Celebrity Issue of Viva Glam Magazine!
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Hollywood & Wine for Your Valentine

blogFebruary 8th
Today we are planning an event with Getty Images, "Hollywood & Wine for Your Valentine" for the 14th. We're extremely excited to be celebrating this holiday at Hollywood Center Studios with an array of actors, musicians, directors, producers, and or course, Hollywood & Wine! Event attire is pink and red, pics and video to come!

Kato Kita, Kita Kato

blogFebruary 7th
"Kato Kita, Kita Kato" is usually what Kato says to me every time he sees me. Or should I say, "Kato! Kita! Kita! Kato!" as that is probably a more accurate version as he says it with such vim and vigor.

I've always said that Kato's greatest God-given gift is he can miraculously walk into a room and the energy level in that room will rise 10 degrees. He has the ability to make everyone feel better, greater and more than. And he does this instantaneously. My girlfriend, Kat, and I are always appreciative of his positivity and have never seen energy like his before. It is unprecedented. And he neither drinks nor takes drugs. Nor has he ever. He swims 5 miles every morning. And his "high" is natural. Sometimes, when we are so busy and preoccupied, he makes us all remember it is okay, no imperative, to have fun and enjoy life.

He has an amazing girlfriend, Leyna, who is super smart, super beautiful and is an Emmy Award winning journalist to boot! They make the perfect couple! I know the magazine loves them and it is great seeing truly wonderful people like this in La-La Land!

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Another Day in 88 Degree Paradise

blogFebruary 6th
Unbelievably, it is 88 degrees today in Los Angeles. It's like summer and we're all in flip flops and board shorts. So, it is apt, that I'm at Bench Warmer Penthouse eating way too much candy as usual. I've had:

  • 1 Kit Kat bar
  • 1 Almond Joy
  • 1 Mounds Bar (strikingly similar to Almond Joy, but without the almonds. Far superior in my opinion.)
  • 1 Twix
  • 1 bag of circus animal crackers
  • 1 bag of sour cream and onion potato chips

blog See what I mean? Way too much for my own good.

blog Here we are goofing around with Ted, the obscene teddy bear. Squeeze his paw and shocking things come out of this mouth. Mallory Mackey, Brandy Grace and Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers and I spent a perfect summer-like afternoon here today minus the argument we had with The Rainbow Room over delivery service and fresh squeezed orange juice. Long story, best not to elaborate.

The Benchwarmer Penthouse

blogFebruary 5th
I am quite often at my friend Brian's penthouse which overlooks Sunset Blvd. I was here today and saw many of my friends that I've known for several years. Brian was one of the first people I met upon coming to LA. We've known each other forever and I remember one of the first times we met, he drove from New Jersey to New York, picked me up and took me to the airport. A gesture I'll always appreciate.

He owns a collectible trading card company called Bench Warmer and was also a featured on Millionaire Matchmaker. His penthouse is very much like the Playboy Mansion and on any given day it is not uncommon for several Playmates and Playmates of the Year to be there. Brian always sets out great meals for us and chocolate and candy abounds! He always gets me my favorite chocolate mousse. Needless to say, I eat way too much junk whenever I'm there! Many think of Bench Warmer as a sorority of sorts and a great way for us girls to catch up with each other. We all may lead busy lives, but we have Brian and Bench Warmer in common. :)

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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig...

blogFebruary 4th
Much to my joy, we are heading back to the Land of Sunshine and Sharks. Here we are on the plane, and no we didn't have to wait 10 hours for it this time. No time for the elusive sour dough clam chowder bowl, but great cast and crew and we'll see these commercials in 6 weeks time. So, I'll post a link as soon as it is up!

I'd Like to Thank the Academy, My Partner Whom I Couldn't Have Done It Without You...

blogFebruary 3rd
All kidding aside, on day 2 of this commercial shoot in San Francisco, I realized I couldn't have done this without the help of my partner whom I have known since 1993.

Yep, you heard right...1993.

I guess that's a long time and boy, did it zoom by fast. It seems like yesterday we were kids watching movies in bed in the early 90's with my big hair and Madonna bracelets. Flash forward 22 years, we are doing pretty much the same thing except now we watch Grumpy Cat on You Tube, my hair doesn't look like I stuck my finger in a light socket and he no longer wears an earring.

He was kind enough to fly up here with me and he despises travel. He handles the luggage. He makes coffee at 5am. He runs endless lines with me to no avail. In fact, he knows the lines better than I do and the dialogue is chock full o' technical jargon. He wants to run them one more time before bed. I'm lazy and refuse. Here is a picture of him looking pretty stern as I'm joking on set and he wants me to focus. He is very successful in his own right and he pushes me to succeed always. And for that I am exceedingly grateful.

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Gribble N' Bits

blogFebruary 2nd
Well, here I am in charming San Francisco, with a 5:30am call time. Amazing cast and crew and I am very proud to be working alongside character actor, Aral Gribble, otherwise known as "Gribble N' Bits". If you don't know who he is, this is him in all of his glory:

Apparently, there is an even better video with Aral dressed in a bikini and drag riding the subway with his Filipino roommate. Alas, it was taken down by Sheena Easton for copyright infringement. You see, he is singing "Morning Train" whilst dancing a la bikini and blonde wig. I would give my eye teeth to see it and I've searched high and low to no avail. So if you find it online, let me know!

See Aral and I in the commercials

San Francisco blob... I mean blog

blogJanuary 31th
Greetings folks, well I finally made it to San Francisco. I woke up at 2am, was at the airport at 6am, on the tarmac in the plane, only to be told the San Francisco airport was shut down due to fog. Long story short, we waited in the airport for an unprecedented 10 HOURS before we finally took off that evening. This beats my previous all-time record when I waited at LAX for 8 hours because my girlfriend insisted on getting a Happy Meal and we missed a flight to Chicago. Oh sourdough clam chowder bowl is eluding me.

At this point you might be asking yourself, "What does one do in the airport for 10 hours?" Obviously, a very valid question because I wasn't quite certain what to do either. We read our lines. We listened to Ziggy Azalea on our minion earphones that came from South Africa. We wandered the airport mall and ate mediocre food. Last time we were at LAX, we ran into Jason Mamoa from Game of Thrones. This time, why did we run into two plus sized gals in hot pants in the middle of January?

Note: If you are not in stellar shape, do not wear hot pants. Hot pants, gogo boots, and a furry jacket made of faux cocker spaniels only makes you look like a hooker in a bad 1970's blacksploitation film.

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San Francisco Bound

blogJanuary 29th
Much to my excitement, I booked a commercial this week and they are flying me up to San Francisco today for a week to shoot. I signed one of those non-disclosures, so I can't say what it is. But safe to say, I am thankful and excited as I see a sourdough clam chowder bowl somewhere in my future.

My Computer Guy

blogJanuary 27th
Hi everyone and welcome to my first official blog entry! Since this is the first one, I'd like to thank my friend and computer guy whom I have known for an eon, Paul Norman (see the Renaissance guy in the pic). Without him, I wouldn't be writing this today. Paul is also an actor and known for his appearances as the aforementioned Renaissance Man, serial killers and the occasional hotel clerk. He is an all-around good guy, 1970's rocker dude with a vast wealth of nonsensical trivia floating around in his mind at any given time. Who else can have a discussion with me about "vampire logic" and why everyone except us has terrible taste in music? So, thank you Paul, what would I do without vous?